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Interesting instrument


Chambered Mahogany body

Solid Spruce Top

Steel String

Body - Silverleaf maple center with Poplar wings (?)

'AAA' grade Flame Maple top or Solid Spruce Top

It looks like the sides and back a solid piece that is routed hollow. That's my best guess. I haven't seen one in person to inspect it, yet.

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like this http://www.warmoth.com/guitar/bodies/tele....n=tele_thinline

It is an interesting instrument. I wish yamaha would bring back the AEX500NS. I haven't tried it but the idea is amazing in my opinion - a solid body nylon. No chambers or anything going on there.


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I have and it's just a thinline guitar... The same as say a thinline telecaster. Body has wood routed out and a top is put on. That's it.

Is it chambered between neck and bridge?

I'd think so, because a guitar teacher I know has one and it actually produces acoustic sound... Not so much but still enough to make me think it's fully hollow

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