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Schaller Vs Floyd Rose

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i routed my guitar for a original floyd rose...but when i went to get one the guy only had a schaller. i looked at it and the post spacing was the same so i bought it. when i brought it home the schaller didnt fit the route. im not sure if i should:

A) Route the already painted gutiar and re spray.


:D Return it and Just get a Original Floyd

i would like a second opinion..

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Schaller and OFR trem are both made in Germany. Wouldn't surprise me if they don't come out of same factory.

Still leave the fact, just to return the Schaller and getting a OFR. No rerouting needed, just drop in. Quality of trem will be same or better.

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i've had BAD experiences with locking trems and now avoid them. but there are those divebombs and whammy bar antics that can only be done with a lockign system. go with the original floyd rose its the best. period. made entirly from hardered steel wheras the schaller only has hardened steel in the knife edges "for a warmer tone" yeah ok mabey but is it coinsidence that its also a lot cheaper?, why do you think locking trems a licenced by floyd rose? would he let anybody else make a better trem?

sorry for all the retolical questions in this little rant. ibanez trems may be another option but i hear there very hard to get hold of (in the uk at least)

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