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Single Coil & Humbucker Capability


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I'm looking for a passive pickup that may act as either a single or humbucker (in a single coil size).

I know EMG has a pickup that is a single coil size that can also act as a humbucker but do other mfgs. have them also? If so, what do you think of them?

are you sure?because i believe they only have a humbucker sized which acts as a single coil

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There are also stacked single coils. These have two coils stacked on eachother, as oposite to a humbucker which has the coils next to eachother.

The rail type single coils have two coils next to eachother, so they actually are humbuckers. But most of them can be split like some normal humbuckers, so you can use just one coil.

Still the sound is not the same as a normal single coil. The magnetic field of the other coil affects the one you're using while playing in single coil position.

Seymour duncan makes the rail type pickups aswell as Dimarzio. Both also has the stacked type single coils.

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You shouldn't have to route the hole deeper. Also I don't think anyone mentioned that Fender makes a pickup for there higher end american series called "Vintage Noisless." They sound like early Fender pickups but are hum canceling...

Also, if you aren't looking for single sound but less 60 cycle hum there is always shielding...

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