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Sunburst Stain Help Needed

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Hi Guys I am having trouble working out how to get the brighter yellow part of the burst on mahogany.

It seems to me that the wood needs to be lightened or bleeched in order to get the light tone.

So far I have been unable to bleech the wood. I am trying hydrochloric acid on a test piece at the moment.

Any answers welcome.


Thanks :D

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Hey man I am no expert but unless the body has ben stained previosly it shouldn't need bleeching but I have done a few sunbursts but the best advice I can give you is go to reranch and read the article on sunbursts they have one for gibson style and fender style and if your looking for the stain they have that to.

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My question would be why are you destroying a perfectly fine vintage guitar to begin with, when you can probably make one relatively easy?

Just asking. :D

+1 Thirdstone, if that is really a 50's era LP Jr. you would be well advised to not touch the original finish (providing that is the original finish). Vintage all original LP Jr's bring sick dollars on the vintage guitar market.

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