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What Kind Of Wood Is This?

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Black limba/ korina would be my guess too

I love that inlay!

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It is probably afa, afara (nigeria), afia afia, afodonko, afraa, aghan, akam, akom (cameroon), an rin, bale, baya, bese, black limba, blie, bokone, chene limbo, congo walnut, dark afara, dark limba, djombe, edo, egean, egoin, egoin nufua, egonni, egoyin, eji, faraen, frake (ivory coast), fram, frameri, framo, frane, frango, frany, gbararada, ka-ren, kegblale, kojaagei, kojagei, kom, kone, kongo, korina, kosina, kumkunbe, landi, limba bariole, limba blanc, limba noir, limbo, moukonia, mukonja, n'dimba, n'kom, n'limba, noyer, noyer du mayombe, noyer limbo, offram, ofram (ghana), ojiloko, owebala, shingle wood, tra, unwonrom.

You gotta love the look of Black Limba :D


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Look at the edge, that is a laminated top probably spalted maple.

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Look at the edge, that is a laminated top probably spalted maple.

That is absolutely NOT white Korina.

Think of the '58 Korina Explorer - That was white Korina with a yellowish finish.


I finished a white Korina Jem 2 years ago with a red stain. I know what white korina looks like B) - Basically, its like Mahogany in terms of grain with no black grain "striping" :D

My first thought when I saw that guitar was that it is some kind of spalted Maple, Poplar or Birch. When you look at the edge as mammoth pointed out, you see that it is only the top that is of a different species. Most probably over African Mahogany.

I personally think that black Korina (Limba) would look and sound absolutely amazing. The only problem is getting it in wide enough boards to build a wide guitar like an Explorer. Combine that with an Ebony fretboard with a maple insert like this http://img503.imageshack.us/img503/8337/aut3740oy7.jpg

Black hardware... That would be killer.



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