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I really don't know what the hell this RavenT's problem is. here's what I just copied from the 'interests' part of his profile:

"So since I cannot get my account deleted from this site I am just going to have to do the nonos to get kick out from the bunch of you ****ing monkeys here. "

Man, I thought I was bad. At least when I get pissed at the site, it's fairly obvious why.

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He has not asked to be deleted,nor has he really been breaking rules or showing anger...if he wants to not be here,he should not be here...All he has to do is ask or send me a nasty p.m. and I will gladly destroy his account to the best of my abilities,and send a message to admin to ban the ip.

I have always had a feeling this guy is someone we have seen before,under a different psuedonym....

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