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i don't really use one for guitars much, but i probably should ???? lol, my dad has one that was 10$ from canadian tire it's always worked for me, but some people in here will probably laugh at me...

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Decent multimeters for those on a budget, and a good return policy if you hate it. :-)

Option 2: Look for anything that says "FLUKE" on the front. They're the industry standard, and are extremely reliable. I've had a Fluke 87 for years now and it's wonderful. Only had to replace the battery once. Oh, and I've dropped it or bumped it off many a table. :-P These units will cost more than the RS ones, but....they'll probably outlive you.

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Hey Kevan, I've heard of Fluke before. Can you send me a link to an online store that carries Fluke Multimeters. I did a search and came up with several but if you have a trusted one, I'd like to know. I also noticed that Fluke makes many different models... what should I look for? The 87 was about $350. That is out of my price range. I might have to stay with the RS ones.

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Here's a link to the RS page for Multimeters:


The one for $59.99 looks good....and has the PC interface for printing out reports. :)

Here's a link to the PartsExpress pages for DMMs:


Some decent stuff in there. I'd guess it's a bit more durable than the RS stuff. I'm really hard on tools (just ask them), so I look for stuff that can take a beating, or has a lifetime warranty, like Craftsman hand tools.

For Fluke stuff, there's McMaster.com (pages 649 thru 651). They [Fluke DMMs] are pricey, but....it's a name I trust. I'm sure some of the RS or PE DMMs are fine. Hell, mine doesn't plug into a PC. :-) McMaster only does non-company orders via their online store. If you want an actual catalog, become a company. :-P

If this is your first DMM, I'd suggest something in the under-$100 range, probably from PE. Check out the Tripplet 3303 or 4404 models. Those should last you a good long time and both are under $100.

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My up-and-coming electronics professor had this to say when I asked him:

"I recommend you to get a Auto Range multi-meter which has volts-ohms-capacitor-transistor-diode-...the Auto Range is important which means you do not have to set a value to be measured it automatically does it for you. It would run you around $100.00"

I'm going to see if he will recommend one too me.

How much for yours Scott?

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