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General Query On Hipshot Bridges...

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Purely cosmetic reasons and nothing other! I love the way bridges and stoptails etc. look when dropped into the body slightly. Also it means you don't have to mount hardware directly onto a finished surface :-)

I think if done well, it looks cleaner and a bit more refined. That's me for you though.

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It appears that the Hipshot site has been changed. The number referres to the thickness of the baseplate as others have already confirmed. The site used to link to diagrams that gave very exact dimensioning of the bridges. I can't find any of that info at the new site.

I got the one with the thicker plate. I like the bridge, but strings kept breaking at the saddle. I tried gentle filing and very fine grades of sandpaper but I could not get it to settle down. I replaced the saddles with Graphtech ones and haven't had a problem since. Why would that be?

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