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Laminate Fingerboard... Will They Work?

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So my question is this, what if you've got a GREAT piece of wood for a fingerboard.... like it was made in heaven, for the EXACT purpose of being a fingerboard on your guitar... but it's only 1/8" thick (and I like 3/16" thick fingerboards). Could I laminate say... a 1/16" slice of ebony/rosewood/bubinga/whatever to the back of it to bring it up to 3/16" and then go ahead and use it?

I know people have used veneers on the back of fingerboards to add accent lines, but this is kinda one step above an acent line cuase it's a full 1/16" laminate.


PS: I plan to bind the sides with some nice ebony or something to make this laminate not visible :D

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Why not just make the neck a little thicker and incorporate the extra thickness into the fret board area? Just carve it like normal and then cut like a 1/16 or so flat so it feels like the fret board.

that would look kinda ugly IMO. I like chris' original idea of laminating and binding so you can't see it. As long as you have a perfect joint and glue it properly I can't see it causing any problems.

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