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Choosing Pickups


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Hello, im thinking about improving my guitar, and its to ask your opinion about what pickups should i buy. i will use the guitar mainly for hard-rock/metal stuff, so what pickups are good to this styles. this is a cheap guitar, so i wont spend too much money on the pickups... so good and cheap :D


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I just reshaped a BC Rich copy and ordered some Damarzio 158 & 159's those Steve V. things and I had no clue about the "F-size or Regular-size" until after I ordered the things and now I find that my bridge is the wide style (2.1") which should have the F-size which I did not order!? Have any of you really noticed a difference in the sound between the two on such a set-up? I can always send them back and exchange but if there's no need I'd rather not, what are your thoughts guys?

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im retarted in the fact i prefer standard gibson spacing

on my floyd equiped guitars (wich is all of them)

the reason being if they were f-spaced then when i bend im pushing the string away from the pole peice where as gibson spaced i bend into them

and i only use duncan jb's/pearly gates models

retarted yes i am...does it make a differance to my ear yes to other people

probbably not

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Thank you gentelmen for your input. I ended up sending them back to get the F-size anyway, it would have bugged the crap out of me if i hadn't. There's time I have a visible seam on the top so I have to sand the damn thing down again anyway. This is the first rebuild I've ever done and I want it to be right.

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Well i did some reading on several kinds of pickups including the EMGs and from what I read i went with the Dimarzios although they all sounded tempting. And the guy that's helping me with this project has and older guitar that has Dimarzios in it, old ones, and the thing cooks so from what limited info i had i went with it. And it's too late to change now unless it's not what i want when it's done then I may change pickups in it but the info sounds like this will work good....we'll see i guess.

This is the first time we've done a guitar and we're both liking it so much we've been hitting the pawn shops looking for another victom! hahaha

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