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Oxy Clean


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Has anyone else seen the commerical for this stuff? Made for clothes and drapes for the most part but they show how it cleans a piece of wood as well.

I'm thinking it could be a little different to wipe down a wickly dirty maple fretboard with :D as an experiment.

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Mix a little Borax with Fantastic, Comet bathroom/tile cleaner, or 409 B)

Got sensitive Guvmint documents that can send you to Federal Poke-Me-In-The-Booty-Prison? Put them in a bowl of warm water with some Surf laundry detergent (liquid's good), Spray-N-Wash, and 1/4 cup of Borax laundry booster, swirl it around for a few minutes with your hand, and then pour the dissolved paper down the drain :D

More secure than a paper shredder, and less messy than burning or burying them (which, the FBI can recover burnt paper unless you mash the ash, but the smell of burning paper is a dead giveaway - especially in an office :D )

Seriously, this combination ate one of my paychecks AND the envelope it came in - all that was left was the cellophane window of the envelope :D


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