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Truss Rod Length

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I'm building a guitar (Duh) and I'm planning on having a 28 scale length, I play heavier music and I'd like the tones to be much crisper. I just cant seem to figure out which truss rod to buy. Stewmac only gives me the choice of 12 1/4 , 14 1-4, 18, and bass 24... I want a double action but if none of these suit My needs I'm willing to go with the single action with the selection of 15 13/16, 17 3/8, and bass which is 23 1/8.

Any help would be awesome!

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Indeed. I'm in the process of building a 30" scale instrument for which I am using a 21" rod. The adjustment length i've calculated correlates with Perry's recommendation and i'd put my money on it working out. Which I have done by committing. But anyway!

18" sounds reasonable. Any indications on what body shape you want to build, fretboard length, etc?

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I believe it depends on where you want the adjustment to "come in" as the rod will exert pressure centred on a certain point on the neck, from and to the end points of the rod. I believe that the location of where the neck meets the body (adjustment ends) comes into play somewhat also. I think the overall differences are fairly miniscule as long as the rod has more control over your neck than vice versa....! If i'm thinking correctly, the ends of the rod should like just before the nut, and just over the heel/body-neck meeting point?

Can anyone give us a quick pointer or two on this as i'm using sense which doesn't always mean i'm correct! :-D

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