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"broken" Tuner? Strange Problem..

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Hey guys, it's me.. again.

I've bought a brand new Epiphone Les Paul (Zakk wylde model)

and MAN does it scream. i would highly suggest it.

BUT. i don't know if this is my fault or what.. but it was all great and i was having a great time with my new axe until i went to change the stock strings. I got about 2 turns into putting the new low E on when the tuner got very stiff and grindy, and the tuning post refused to move afterwards, even when turning the key like a madman..

so, I then noticed that the tuning "post" can just pull out even if just turning the guitar at a slight angle, but on all the other strings they're stuck in there firmly. i've tried everything, screwing it back in, etc. it looks like it scres onto a little post in there but i can't tell. sometimes if i place it in there just right and turn the key, it turns a few millimeters, but it's so loose it just pops out again or stops turning after just a turn or so. is this broken, or do i just need to put it back together in some way i can't figure out? :D

by the way they're grover rotomatics if it helps

thanks in advance

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Is the tuner button slipping on the shaft? Sorry if this sounds like an obvious thing, but when obvious things are overlooked you tend to blame crazy stuff instead, like Gremlins™ or solar winds. This happened on my Washburn acoustic when I changed to ebony buttons from stock, and the metal insert joining the button to the shaft started slipping.

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Grovers are lifetime guaranteed so get it replaced at the shop you bought it and don't settle for anything less. I have Grover Rotomatics on my latest build and haven't had problems but do notice the tuners have a lot of play (backlash) in them.

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I had a similar problem on my acoustic. The gears werent exact enough, so whenever i tuned, the head would chew the gear on the shaft a little. Eventually it just became impossible to tune 2 of the strings. I ended up just getting a new set, for only $17, and they work fine. It was a little nicer to figure out on the acoustic though, due to the lack of covers on the gears.

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