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Scarf Joint Router Tips

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Having made the jig, two 14 degree triangular sides screwed into two routed channels, I thought the finish should have been better than it was, the end of the timber at the thin part had a waney edge.

So I made another pass which caused a tear out, fortunately I had plenty of timber to work with so I was able to take more off.

This time I went even SLOWER than before (which I thought was slow enough) and the result was very good, straight edges and a good flat surface.

I used Evo-Stik on my last guitar without any problems, but have noticed that many of you use Titebond original, whats the pro's and con's of these glues?

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Tear-out will happen if you don't pay attention to the grain - go in it's direction and not against it. Don't take off too much in a pass either. If you're starting out with a squared end, you'll want to take a good 6-8 passes before you've got a perfect 14 degree angle.

I use Titebond Original because I have never had any problems with it.

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A really sharp bit is also helpful to prevent tearout

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