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Just Bought One Of These:


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My first 'major' tool purchase, and one that is not specifically guitar related but should come in quite handy, particularly when I start my next build.

JET Oscillating Spindle Sander

It looks like a quality product, and i'm hoping it will last as long as I do in my slowly evolving shop.

I'm going to fire it up tonight and try it out on a small maple cover that I am working on. :D

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Yeah, I was given a free drill press which so far has sufficed, It's a cheapo model and it's not going to last too far beyond this first guitar. A bandsaw and a good drill press are probably my next two investments. I'm really fortunate that i'm able to use my father-in-laws wood shop, but it's not nearly as convenient as having my own tools.

What kind of Drill Press did you end up with?

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'Twas also my first purchase, but I bought the drill press too :-D

I had an issue with the grub which actuates the oscillating movement wearing it's threads out. Does the JET sander come with a complete breakdown diagram? I wish i'd maintained mine a little better, which I am doing now after a warranty repair on the actuating grub. A little lubrication is all that it took. (narf)

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