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28 5/8" Scale Length

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Here's the deal:

I want to have a 7 string made by warmoth, but there is a problem. They use 25" scale length on their standard 7 strings. I have an Ibanez with a 25.5" scale and I feel I need it to be longer. Warmoth only offers one other scale length and that is 25 5/8". I know that some 7 strings use 27" scale (like the Stephen Carpenter model) and that you can use standard tuning. Would 28 5/8 be too long for standard tuning?


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you could try and figure out the math of string tension then calculate it yourself then compare to "normal" string tension listed on d'addario or similar sites. course i haven't the fogieset how to do this :D just an idea

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I've got 0.011-0.049 on my 25.5" guitar and I tune to Eb, which gives approx. 9kg per string. That's a lot stiffer than most people I know like, but it feels good to me.

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