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Thanks I'll try there.

P.S. Nice to see another Nova Scotian on the forum! :D:D

if you are near halifax busy bee has it. Just go up Wright Ave in the burnside industrial park. East Coast speciality Hardwoods is on Wright ave as well. You name the wood they got it. Not cheap though.

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Thanks! I'm going to call Busy Bee, and all the other stores. I don't have a car so it'll be a day on the bus but oh well! I might call Kent too, ya never know.

Elmer's ProBond works too, if you can find it...

Yeah I'll give that a try if I cant find it. I did a little research and apparently titebond is an aliphatic resin glue. So any other yellow aliphatic resin glue should be fine I guess.

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Just FYI: make sure it's the ProBond that's constructional grade (ie, pro) and for INDOOR use (not indoor and outdoor, which is like Titebond II, and not so good).

Yeah it says "Professional Grade Wood Glue" and "Contractors Grade" it also says "for Interior Use". I almost got the stainable kind by accident which is water resistant. But I think I got the right one.

does canada have home depot?they always stock it...but yeah,i mostly get mine from stewmac

Yeah I called Home Depot and they checked on the shelves and nothing.

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