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What Tool For Apartment-based Guitar Building

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The bank in my town is reclaiming our home and we must be out by Jan5 of 08

I don't want to put the project "pedal-to-the-metal" and risk fuking it all up.

I bought a small toolbox at a 2nd hand store for $5.

I have

1 interchangeable bit screwdriver and customized bit set

numerous allen wrenches and one full allen set will soon be replaced by swiss army knife style hex key set

2 needle nose pliers

2 wire cutters

1 pair of pliers

1 pair of mini locking pliers

3 wire strippers

1 mini bar clamp

1 2" C clamp

and a mini ziplock baggie (the kind extra shirt buttons come in) with the other soldering iron tips

anything else I need?

My drill press will be in my brother in laws garage and a coping saw will be bought when I get to that stage.

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I'm too lazy to acquire the skills needed to build a guitar in my apartment. I keep meaning to go back to my dad's to do some more work, but he lives 30 mins away... I know, I know... that's not even as long as most people's morning commutes... but it seems like a pain in the butt most of the time.


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I just thought of something that your missing. This one is a must for any apartment woodworking.

It costs a bit more than regular sand-paper, important tool you'll need.

Let me know how it works out. By the way, should that not work out in an apartment, you can just give it to me, thanks. J

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