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Three Different Kinds Of Maple?

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Hi guys, I noticed that there are trees growing on the sidewalks and in the parks in my city that I believe are different kinds of Maple.

I judged that they were Maple trees by the overall leaf shape.

Examining the details in the shape of the leaves is one of the basic methods for ID-ing different plants from the same family that are closely related.

Problem is that I don't know anything about botanics.

Can you ID these three leaves on the photos below?

Which one is which kind of Maple?

Or even more - are they Maple at all?





I think that it is important to say that I live in Europe (which does NOT necessarily mean that the tress are local European species and not imported from America - the guys from the city park council import a lot of overseas species for park and sidewalk decoration).

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Thanks guys.

No, I am not going to cut down a tree in the park while nobody is watching. :D

Have something in mind, though. The park guys from the municipality are cutting trees from time to time when they are re-arranging things.

I may use them as a source for Maple (which is a pretty UNpopular woodworking tree where I live and a b*tch to find).

One of these maples has a milky-ashy white bark. Guess that it is a Whitebarked Maple.

I was adviced to use this site and it has been of great help: http://www.maple-trees.com

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I believe the right most leaf is a hard maple or a borad leaf maple, and the one on the left appears to be a red maple. Pictures of the trees would help. I do think they are all maple.

here are some links:



Thanks, these sites are awesome too.

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