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what program do you guys use to make your custom logos? if you look at mine u can see the pixels and they are too boxy...so what program should i use or how should i do it differently? thanks


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Photoshop will work, but you need to have the DPI high.

(that's the resolution... the higher the number, the more "detail" will be preserved).

Also, keep in mind, with a raster file, if you enlarge it, you lose resolution.

If you create a file at 300 DPI, and then enlarge it to 300%, you just reduced the actual, final resolution to 100 DPI.

Illustrator allows you to enlarge your image file without losing detail, as it is vector based and "re-draws" the image for any size you output it at.

It also comes down to how you are going to output your logos.

If you are doing it like discussed in several threads on this board (outputting it at home, using a regular printer), it doesn't really matter if your art is vector or raster.

Just keep in mind to keep that DPI cranked in Photoshop!



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cough....dial up...cough. I guess if I really wanted to go that rout I could go to one of my friends' house download it and burn it on a CD...I actually did look for it on KazaA yesterday before I posted that, and they were both over 100 megs....that would take me hours...If I could find one that went a decent speed (mind you it's dial up, so the fastest I go is around6.5 kb/s). Anyway, what is the software like? I was figuring it was just CAD, but for that much...Also, must have quite a learning curve (I don't guess that's really a big deal though).

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They used to say a picture doesnt lie....................well now with photoshop you cant believe anything that you see. Its also great for taking blemishes out of pictures, restoring old photos..........oh and putting the head of some chick you know on a naked body and emailing her the results. B) You wouldnt think I was 29 would ya? :D

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how do i put the DPI up? and what will this do?

To print without seeing any pixels or steppyness, you'll want your file to be 200-300

ppi or pixels per inch (always incorrectly referred to as DPI - DPI is a totally different thing used measure printer performance)

To do this in Photoshop, you'll need to start at this resolution, so unfortunately, you may have to start over from scratch. Launch Photoshop, and open a new file (File > New). In the dialogue box that comes up enter the size in inches you'd like to use in "Width" and "Height" and enter a resolution of 300 pixels/inch. Then make your logo and print it out at the highest quality setting your printer is capable of.

If you don't want to redo your logo, you can TRY enlarging your file, but you may get a blurry or jagged image: Launch the image size dialogue (Image > Image size). Make sure the boxes called "Constrain Proportions" and "Resample Image" are both checked, then change the "Resolution" number to 300 and click OK


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