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Brass Nut's

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I have one on an old 70's era Mann.

Sustain is great. Tone tends to be fairly bright compared to other materials.

No tuning issues. It tarnishes up badly but comes back with a bit of elbow grease.

Not sure what else you want/need to know.

Give it a shot.

I'm currently prepping for a LP build and plan to utilize a left over piece of brass to fashion the nut.

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it works fine if well cut and lubricated. In the good old days theywere sold as increasing sustain - but thats because people thought anything heavier increased sustain, we are past that now!!

For me they make guitars too bright and dont really have a positive effect on sustain- they do look excellent when polished really shiny though!

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Sustain :D

You'd only hear a difference on open notes, as fretting a string isolates the sound of that string from the nut (well, almost absolutely if you want to be pedantic!). If you want a more consistent tone between fretted and open, use a zero fret. If you want more sustain, use a compressor, feedback, a sustainer or just get your instrument set up better (fret level and dress, pickup height adjustment, saddle dress).

Plastic mojo if you ask me! :D

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