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Problem With 12" Planer


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I just got a Mastercraft 12" planer yesterday. It does a very good job, but leaves a slight depression at each end of the board. There is nothing in the manual about adjusting the rollers. This is my first time with a stationary planer...

I know what's causing this; pressure pushes the board a little bit downward when it hits the first roller, gets 100% level when both rollers are in contact, and gets a little upward when the first roller is not in contact anymore, and only the second roller applies pressure.

High end planers have a "snipe reducing lock". I'm french. Would that refers to this problem?

Is this normal? Do all planers works like that? It's really not that bad, but I loose 2" at each end.

Should I put some little pressure on the board to keep it flat until both rollers are in contact? Or maybe the rollers puts to much pressure on the board?

Let me know. Sorry for the crappy pics, but that gives a better idea.






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I think I got my answer from customer support:

"Avoid snipe or depressions made by the cutterhead knives at the beginning or the end of the board by supporting both ends evenly. Keep the board level during the entire planing operation."

I would appreciated some comments about this procedure.


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Though I don't do much work on guitars, I had the same problem with mine. I also wanted to thickness some very thin stock so I made a sled to send the wood through on. Made all the difference. Sled was a piece of 3/4" MDF, or can be high grade plywood, covered with sand paper,on the up side, to stabilize the board, and had a stop on the end just a little lower than the intended thickness of the finished stock to be planed. In some species of wood I could plane down to 1/10th of an inch in quartersawn. Hope this helps ~ it really did wonders for me. Also sled needs to be about 8 inches longer than board to be planed ~ distributed evenly on both ends.

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i had the same problem with a 20" planer at school. it was brand new. it worked perfect for about a month, cut like a finish planer. but then it started to do that same thing, i spent months trying to figure it out. asked the teacher. said to adjust everything, never could get it to do it without taking that chunk out at the end.

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