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Spray Booth Size Requirements


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I'm going to invest in some spray equipment soon, and a garden shed for my spray booth. I was just wondering, ideally, how large would you like a single guitar spray booth to be if you had the choice?

This is one area of the craft where I have little/no knowledge!

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I built one about the size of a small garden shed, maybe a touch smaller. I then added a false wall about 12" from one side. This wall goes all the way from the roof to the floor. The floor is raised up three inches. On the roof, are two spiral explosion proof fans which both suck something stupid like 1000 litres of air per minute. The fans suck air from behind the false wall. The raised floor has holes in it, so the fumes are sucked downwards through the floor, up behind the false wall, to the fans.

On the back, inside, ive added another wall and door, which can be sealed off from the main spray area (but its within the 'garden shed'. This is ultimately going to have a UV light or two, and be lined with reflective heat blanket material on the walls, roof and floor. The idea is to spray, then hang each guitar in the back section where it is cured by the lamps. This little room is big enough to hang ten or so guitars sideways.

The main section where i do the spraying would be 6' x 5'. I dont think its quite big enough, I'd like an extra foot or so in width.

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Guys, perfect timing. I’m building a s pray booth right now. It is as large as I can afford (due to lack of space in the workshop). My booth is 1.4 x 1.2 m (4.6 x 4 feet). It isn’t enormous and I would really like to have the curing part as Perry, but I cannot fit it. And I do not have that many guitars passing through my workshop as you have Perry. I really appreciated the idea of placing the exhaust outlet (or whatever it is called) at floor level. Of cause! Without that input I have probably placed it much higher up.

How do you filter the inlet air Perry? I am planning to use a standard air conditioners filter textile (or what ever it may be called) and stick that to a frame, plug the frame into a hole in the spray booth wall. That way I will only let clean(er) air into the booth. Any input on this idea?

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I have some filter panel stuff, that is designed to be used for spray booths. Although, i haven't installed it yet, so i just leave the door open... actually, it has no door, yet.

Perry, can you post a simple drawing of what you've done? I am trying to picture this, and will build something like this with my next shop.


Or maybe just a clarification . . .are you saying that you have holes all over the whole floor area? And that the WHOLE floor is raised 3"? If so, how big are the holes and how far spaced are they? How did you determine the correct amount of holes and size? Also, is this a steel shed or what did you use for the walls and general construction?

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