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Nut File Alternatives?


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One neck-maker I know of swears by torch tip cleaners. They're a set of fine, round files of various guages used to clean welding torch tips. They go for under $5.00 in Lowes & Home Depot. For $5, they're certainly worth a look!

By all means give this a try for yourself....especially for that price, but I didn't have much success using the tip cleaners. The cleaners that I bought were not abrasive enough to really do much cutting on my bone nut blank. Plus they are pretty short. Probably about 3-4" so are hard to get a good grip on to use.

Let me know if you have better results, maybe I need to look for a different set or be more patient.

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I tried some of these, they are so cheap it's worth a go but they are so bendy I could not get a good result. However, the cost of a set of nut files is too much for me and the StewMac ones with the rounded sides I hate using. I need straight sides and rounded bottoms. Get some of the Japanese type ones, they do a better job but they are still too expensive.

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You don't really need a complete set of files. You can roll the file for larger slots. You really only need a couple of double sided files. I found a needle file at my local wood workers shop that was small enough to do .010 slots.

Warmoth caries the double sided file set for $41.00. As a one time purchase it is worth it...


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