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white hardware

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yeah one of the daves was

these are the daves i know i know, these are the daves i know. some of us are davids, but most of us are daves. we all have our own hands but we come from different moms!

dave koppler, he works at my dad's store, he's worked there for 12 years and he'll probably work there for more.

david gordon, i hardly know him...

dave cappisano, i've known since I was 6, in grade 8 he broke his leg so we got drunk and sick!

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I would be the Dave that you are looking for!!!!!

I almost gave up on getting any business & came close to selling my equipment B):D:D

What hardware are you looking for that is pre-Powdercoated...perhapse I can come up with something

Also...any color you want...I can do it, just send me a personal message with the details of what you want done!


Dave K

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i don't think you should sell your equipment...you just need to market your product.a good website with a color chart and stuff like thsat would help.

i want to get one set of hardware done but if i like em i will probably start putting them on all my guitars

told ya dave :D

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I know "you told me so" LOL!

I am working on a website with SMokey Joe

I also have some CRAZY pictures of a yellow Jackson Powdercoating job coming soon

If anyone has any other ideas on how to get the biz off the ground...I am all ears!

Thanks & Look for some new pictures coming soon


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Smokeyjoe is building me a kick ass site!

If I ever get off my butt & give him what he needs to finish it, it will be great!

Check out the "shell site"Creativemusicconcepts.com & let me know what you think

By the way....Pix of 2 KILLER bodies will be up there soon as well as an AWESOME finish option!


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