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Good type of spoke shave?


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You can find a spokeshave, rasps, block planes etc. at any hardware store. If they don't have any of those items then order a cheeseburger and have a seat. You're in the wrong place. :D kidding! If the store has a few spokeshave varieties check them out and see how well they adjust for blade depth and stability. I've found that one is just as good as the next one. If you never used one before then practice on a 2X4 for a little while until you get used to the weight, balance and adjusting blade for best results.

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Heres one:


Why don't you just hit the "search" button in your browser and type in "spokeshave". Or go take a walk down to your local hardware store and ask about one. They aren't some kind of specialty tool, you can find them basically anywhere tools are sold. BTW, "cheap" and "good" don't really compliment each other very well.

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