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placing bridge

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What type of bridge? For a floyd-stlye, the posts are usually placed 1/2" less than the scale length of the guitar from the nut. For a 25.5" guitar, the posts would be 25" from the nut. Fixed bridges are done a little differently I think. Obviously, the saddles need to be close to the scale length but I forget what the initial placement is (I think they are supposed to be toward the nut?). Fixed bridges also install at an angle (not all of them, some of them) to provide more intonation range. Someone else can probably help more with the various non-Floyd bridges - they are not my thing.

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yeah, I been there. I drilled the holes evenly for my Tune-o-matic roller bridge and then did a mock setup. I found out that intonation wasn't going to happen, I had E and A saddles backed towards the tailpiece all the way and notes still wouldn't match up. I then remembered the TOM rule of thumb. :D (SLAP! to the forehead) I had to plug the bass side hole and then redrill about 1/8" farther back. Lots of room now.

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There is a little leeway but not much. 1/2" is wayyy too much. You would never be able to get the guitar in tune.

to intonate correctly u mean, the strings when open would be intune, just as u went up the fretboard they'd get more and more out of tune, this is known as the intonation :D

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lets say i got something like this...


do the strings go right through the guitar?

(i have a floyd so i wouldnt know)

woulkd i just be able to make holes and skip routing?

where does the end of string rest on?(ball part)

on a part of bridge or on guitar wood(at back)

pretty obvious question i guess...


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