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Anyone here able to do a JS1000 body?

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first off don't cut out the horns or around the neck pocket until u've routed or ur template won't have anything to line up with and sit on. To get the angle just put a couple of shims under the body side of the template to angle it by the correct amount you're looking for, when u rout you'll transfer that angle into the depth of the pocket.

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I was the one who drew the plans.

The neck joint on the 540R that I based the plans on is a traditional plate style (not AANJ) but the heel is a little recessed, and it is angled so its even thinner at the high-E side.

don't know if this is like the JS, but I'd be happy to take some pics.


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Yep, it's the same as on mine. No AANJ.


My drawings show it accurately. There is no neck angle on the guitar. It looks at first like the neck is "twisted" in the neck pocket, but it is actually only the mounting plate that is not parallel to the back of the guitar.


I'll take a few pics today and post 'em.


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