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Gibson "guitar Hero - Future Legends" Les Paul

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Gibson are releasing another Les Paul in Q3 of 2009 (in time for Cheesemas I presume) which looks like it's expanding on the "Digital" but also incorporating an embedded sensor and output jack for controlling....Guitar Hero! WHAT???? Initial reports say that the instrument will come in a gloss black finish with black/white binding, the fingerboard will be incorporating five-colour plastic inlays which I presume have something to do with the game. The Gibson logo will be the "seperate dot" type, which will obviously make all the difference. The expected price of the Gibson Les Paul Guitar Hero Future Legends Controller (TM?) is around $3200. Nothing has been said about whether the guitar will need an external power source or (yikes) another lead.

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hey prostheta

where did you find this info, was it put onto the net yesterday (ie: 1 April)



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