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9-inch bandsaw for a set neck


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I am planning on doing a set neck for my first project with a 13 degree angled headstock(using the Stewmac Les Paul blueprints for this first one). I was out looking at bandsaws since I don't know anyone who owns one and saw several reasonably priced 9-inch models. Are these large enough to get the job done? The cutting clearance only seems to be just over 3.5 inches and it seems I have seen neck blanks in the 3.5 to 4 inch range. I have also seen 1 inch thick neck blanks (are these for bolt-ons or do you just glue several together?).

Anyway, it seems several people are looking at these 9-inch models, so there must be another approach to building the neck. Thanks for any help.

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...I went and bought a Delta 12" yesterday. The thing has a six inch capacity on it! Can't wait to get started.

That is just what I've been looking for but can't seem to find anyone who carries it. Where did you find yours?

For me it's perfect, small enough to fit into my "shop" but still big enough to do a resaw once in a while.

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Sorry, it took so long to get back to ya, but I have been getting the garage setup so that I have room for the bandsaw and some space to work in. Anyway, I found the Delta 12" at Lowes. I hit about 5 stores in the Dallas area before I could find one in stock and that one had only been there about 3 hours! They have apparently been selling like hot cakes. Anyway, good luck.

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