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Conical Ebony Fretboard

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I recently bought some ebony to do my first fretboard, but now I can't find it. Instead of buying more wood, I was thinking about buying an already made fretboard.

Would anybody be interested?


Scale length: 25.5"

nut width: 1 11/16"

Width at 22nd fret (it follows this taper, like a fender neck; I'm not sure what the width at the 24th fret would be); 2 3/16

Fret radius: this is where I need to explain more specifically....

My guitar will have the graph tech licensed Floyd Rose with a bridge radius of 20"

The nut will be an original floyd rose R4 nut with a nut radius of 10"

I need the fretboard to follow this gradual gain in radius from nut to bridge. I've been told that I need to get a conical radius rather than compound (I've been also told that you guys list your radius option as compound when really it is conical.

I need the string action to be as tight as possible so this is why the fretboard has to follow this specifically. I'm not very good at math but from my understanding (not sure at all though), I'm going to need the radius at the 24th fret to be 17.5. Although this calculation may be wrong.

If anybody is up to it, email me at zeroiv@live.ca and tell me how much you'll want

There will be no fret markers, but will be side dots that are white.

Thank you

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Compound radius is the same thing.........if it helps you to think of it as a cone,then that is still an accurate description...

You can get them here,but it is only for a 16" bridge and a 10" nut...but the actual dimensional difference is not much


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