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Christmas Goodness


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Hey, my wife got me the same one! I can't wait for spring to come around so that I can start spraying the three builds I have going on right now. Of course, we are having record snowfall and such here in syracuse, so it's going to be a while yet, I think. Still, this is going to make finishing much more fun, hopefully easier.

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The HVLP guns have their definitive pros like the minimum of lacquer waste and the more or less non-existing over spray. I have seen a IRL demo of one gun were the demo guy stood in a tuxedo spraying a bright red paint! I had one before I got myself a compressor and a separate spray booth with proper ventilation and I have made quite a few guitars with it. The cons are that you might need to do a bit more of level sanding. Oh, BTW my comments are based on me using water based finishes.

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