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Is This Normal?


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Hi all..

I just purchased a new Ibanez S series (sorry, I know... store bought not built :D). With a pup config of HSH. My signal goes like this...

Guitar - Boss GT10 - Amp

I get a buzz through my amp. When I touch my strings it dips in volume ever so slightly, however, when I touch either the metal strip on the boss gt10 or the metal pup rings, the buzz goes away.

Is this normal or can it be fixed? If it can be fixed, is it likely that I need to pull out all the electronics and re-solder? Ensure that everything is grounded properly? Also, how beneficial would be getting some of that copper tape that stewmac sells?

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i wonder if its a ground problem in the boss.

btw dont worry the majority of guys here have a store baught guitar laying around some where even if they dont like to admit it.

Think you may be right. inconsistant buzz coming & going when you touch the guitar is a faulty earth somewhere in your setup.

As for the store baught thing. even I have 2 factory guitars. but I make up for it by having 12 of my own :D

Purly for customers to try out to get a feel for certain necks & such. demo models - I swear !!! :D

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