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New Buffing Setup

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I'm fearing the black finish for my current bass build. I truly want to overload the clear and develop a deep glossy black. Best advice I have had is to load with the clear but the final polishing is a fearsome prospect given my lack of polishing hardware and the amount of Ripthorn's Armstrong method I expect. :D

What is worse is that I have no idea where to source high quality compound here without having to pay top dollar for more than I will really need. Bleh.

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Prostheta: if you go to an auto paint shop you could ask for smaller size tubes of the top shelf stuff, theyre usually a bit bigger than a tube of toothpaste and will last several guitars if you don't waste it.

As far as overloading the clear, if you spray too much itll just create ripples and peel making more hard work for yourself afterwards. If it's a straight black then I'd probably just spray 2-3 base coats over a tack coat then 3 coats of clear. Definitely no more than 4. That's spraying auto 2K.

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The whole forum is like this. Seems everything that was posted over those few days has been lost and one of the mods posted somewhere to say it cannot be recovered.

What info were you wanting?

I wanted to see what the particular polish you used was again, I found an auto part store that might have it stocked. I like to buy locally whenever possible. No biggie crashes happen, I thought I screwed something up and got banned or something haha


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Just for the sake of conversation - I went back to using my old polish which is twice the price as I found a little bit left in a tube I didn't know I had.

Used it on the top of the cabinet I finished recently.

I must say that after using it I prefer the 06198 perfect it by 3M.

That tub of 3M polish will probably last a lifetime if only spraying guitars. I've painted 4 or 5 guitars since buying it and it hardly looks like I've touched it!

Like I said in an earlier post thats now deleted, if the polish is spraying at you and flicking off, then you're using too much. Just wipe it on lightly and keep your polishing pad slightly damp to make up for the lack of polish.


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