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Satin Finish Vs Gloss Finish

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So, I'm kinda new to playing but I was wondering what the tonal difference between a satin finish vs a gloss finish on an acoustic guitar. Personally I prefer the appearance of the satin finish and I have an older epiphone that is a gloss finish and I want to know if it's possible to change the finish on it from gloss to satin or if that will screw up the tone and stuff.

Thanks :D

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the question really is... does the material composition of the finish change the tonal characteristics. lather on a nice thick coat of automotive hard-coats and you'll notice a difference than if you used a few thin coats of nitro. The gloss or lack thereof will not change the tonal characteristics or even the sustain of the guitar. Many people like a satin neck because they feel it allows them to traverse the neck easier. At Martin we build a ton of guitars with a high gloss nitro body and a satin neck.

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