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Picked them up yesterday, will post pics when they're setup. 13" Delta Planer, 8" Jointer, Craftsman belt sander. Picked them up for about $500. The planer and jointer look to be practically unused. The sander just needs a new belt and circular pad. I'm so freaking excited.

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Awesome score! You won't know yourself adding those to the collection.

Just don't put your fingers in the bits that spin fast.

Get some of the push handles with the rubber grip underneath for doing passes on the jointer.

I'm glad I use them as one of mine has the rubber chunked up. Better that than a mince meat finger. I know a few people who have lost fingers on jointers and table routers. Makes you safety conscious.

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The jointer is the only really dangerous one...the blade is completely exposed to your fingers during use and it takes dozens of shallow passes for every piece of wood to get it perfectly straight,so the potential for letting your mind wander at the wrong time is high...take care with it and you will be fine

Also,I had to take the guard off mine because it makes marks on the wood...

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If you've never used a jointer, here is my advice:

Set up the fence and table with a set square.

Set the table so it's taking half a bees dick of wood each pass. Not a milimeter, but less than that.

Push slow. Very slow. The slower you move, the cleaner the pass will result.

Eye protection. You'll get the occasional missile.

Make sure to dust the table before passes as the smallest woodchip can lift your timber and make it a angled pass

Dust extractor is a must or it'll all build up under your blade

Push handles. Push handles. Push handles.

When passing the timber you'll find that one direction will pass smoother than the other, so turn the timber around if it seems to be tearing.

Don't force the timber. Just pass slow and let the blade do the work, not you pushing. Just keep smooth even pressure

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I so want a jointer it's not even funny. Keep looking, but there's little around on the used market that isn't either cheap and lousy, or industrial and way too big for my shop. And the only new options start with a 6" Jet for 700 euros or a 1000 euro 8" combo machine (think Grizzly equivalent)...

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Well, I found myself a bit of luck as well! I picked up a 6" Sprunger Bros jointer. Built somewhere in the 70's, possibly 60's, possibly early 80's, belonged to an old woodworker who took absolutely fantastic care. Minimal spot of surface rust on the bed, oiled and tuned, clean bearings, sharpened blades (plus spares), upgraded with removable legs and soft-start. Basically looks like a Delta/Rockwell clone, it's quality American cast iron throughout - guesstimated weight is around 200 lbs I think. 350 euros ain't too bad a price :D

Looks pretty much identical to this one, except green, different base and a cage around the drive belt:


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