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  1. I would dub that coloration "Magmaburst"
  2. sounds good man. ill see when I can get away for a day and shoot you a message.
  3. Yeah, just exactly like Houston Texas. You here too? SR nah. I'm in Victoria. About 120 miles southeast. I was just wondering if we could set up a day where I could observe the building you do. its magic and it would be my first opportunity to see someone work up close.
  4. did you say Houston? like houston tx?
  5. That is incredibly cool. I'd play the hell out of it.
  6. Oh hell, I thought this was commissioned. How much you want for it? I've got a spare kidney around here somewhere lol. Good luck with the sale.
  7. That's crazy and innovative. Are you going to make it match the top finish wise?
  8. That, is attention to effing detail. Fantastic. Ebony rings probably would have been a pain in the ass though because of the hardness?
  9. Had to go with Simo. Just a beautiful example of complex simplicity: flat top(although spalted), 24 frets(on a singlecut), no inlays and silver side markers, and I'm pretty sure those were emg bass pickups right?
  10. Sweet sweet carve. Also, your logo looks like the Alienware logo. Which is awesome.
  11. Kinda looks like he's going for a Gibson Dusk Tiger look. But with some actual tiger tossed in. I like it. You oughtta see about ordering the Min E-Tune kit from Tronical to make it robotic too Mr. Osorio.
  12. Man. That is beautiful. I want one. It matches my truck.
  13. That's ridiculous. I have never seen a tiger's eyeball that looked like figured maple. Oh, I guess the next one will be turtle-shell green. Deez guys... On another note, the color is beautiful, and with all color mixing in art, the accidents are usually just a fantastically pigmented journey.
  14. That is fantastic. And kids are maniacs. My youngest is almost 3. But the carving on the back of this thing is magnificent and the wood just makes it look even more so. Bravo.
  15. Sweet baby jesus, it's beautiful. I want it. Ill trade you a pretty good kidney for it.
  16. alternate them lol. dark-light-dark/light-dark-light.
  17. I second this motion. That orange-fiery color is fantastic.
  18. That black limba is absolutely beautiful man. And all of your guitars are just stunning. Bravo.
  19. If that is clear over the natural color of the wood, then that is the most beautiful natural top I've ever seen. Bravo.
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