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A Lacquer Question


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I've gotten through the first stage of refinishing my guitar but last time the order I went was

1) Wood

2) Behlen Vinyl Sealer

3) Behlen Nitro Lacquer (Color)

4) Behlen Nitro Lacquer (Clear)

I wasn't satisfied with how the vinyl sealer filled the grains so I've already sprayed and sanded smooth some Deft Sanding Sealer. Do I still need to use the Vinyl Sealer before doing the Behlen color coats or have I already messed up and need to remove the Deft because that would be mixing brands and I know sometimes that can be a bad thing? Thanks in advance.

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Let me explain my post a lil better. Last guitar I painted was:

1) Bare Wood

2) Vinyl Sealer

3) Nitro (Color)

4) Nitro (Clear)

Since I didn't like the way that worked out this time I was planning on doing:

1) Bare Wood

2) Deft Sanding Sealer

3) Behlen Vinyl Sealer

4) Nitro (Color)

5) Nitro (Clear)

I understand what you're saying and I realize it's not a grain filler but I guess I got lucky cause the guitar is alder and doesn't have a lot of grain or is not as porous as others (I think I'm wording that right). But the Deft sealer did what I needed it to and left a smooth surface with no grains showing. Do you think I should also use the Vinyl Sealer or skip step 3?

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+1 and +1

Skip step three and skip Deft. Use Behlen.

Also the Behlens vinyl sealer really does not play very nice with the Behlens nitro even though they say it does. You have to scuff it really well before applying any Nitro on top.

I think of Vinyl Sealer as a last resort to contain things that might bleed or leach out later. Not necessary on a brand new build...

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