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Drop Top Wood Supplier?

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I was curious who people tend to use for drop top wood supplier?

Has anyone used OregonWildWood.com? They seem to have some pretty drop top sets in their bargain section. My first guitar is poplar, and I'd rather do a clear coat versus painting, so I was looking for something to look a little nicer than poplar (especially the piece I have lol).

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Drop top or carved top?Nothing special about drop top wood except it shouldn't be more than 1/4" thick or so.Carved tops are different and can be as thick as you want because you don't have to bend them.

To be clear,Drop tops are called that because you bend them over the forearm contour.Carved tops just have the contours cut into them by sanding,rasps,finger planes,etc...and most people mean like an LP when they say carved top...a forearm contour is different technically,but it's the same idea.

Some people just carve the forearm contour into the body and cover the top with veneer.that works well too

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Thanks for the info guys. I definitely mean drop top (although I was not aware that they bent the wood over the forearm curve... I did wonder how to do that). How do you go about bending it? Or does the thickness just lend itself to the "subtle" curve?

My body blank is too thick to begin with, and I do not have the equipment to handle taking care of a veneer yet (vacuum system)

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Nothing about building a guitar is easy,so you should research the tutorials.You will never get a comprehensive reply these days because they guys who have done this(me included) are aware that all the answers you seek are in the tutorials section amongst the pinned topics

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