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Need Suggetsions On Repair

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Recently a friend of mine asked me to repair his Strat (with Lace pickups) as it was dropped. The head of the neck was badly cracked. Cracks run from the head's edge through a couple of the tuners. It looks like a removal of hardware and clamping job and maybe some reinforcement of the tuner holes. The question is: do I use Titebond or epoxy? Any suggestions/ recommendations?

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I wouldn't use hide glue unless you're planning on doing something that's made to be disassembled later like a violin, for a permanent repair I'd choose just normal Titebond. The right epoxy is fine also, but not not a necessity. On whether you should just glue & clamp, it's hard to tell w/o seeing it.

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It's not as difficult as everyone makes it seem.What you are hearing is "My favorite glue is (name here)"

But the TRUTH is that you have many choices,but if it were me,I would use Titebond(or any other wood glue) if the crack has no gap...if it is missing fibers and there is a gap there,I would use a 2 part epoxy of the 24 hour cure variety.I use T88.

The reason is that you need to pay attention to the mechanical properties of what you are using.Wood glues such as Titebond make the strongest bond if there is no gap at all...the bigger the gap,the weaker the bond.

T88 and other 2 part 24 hour wood epoxies don't care about a gap.They fill that small gap and make a strong bond.I would NOT use those cheap 5 minute epoxies because they cure too fast and are not as strong.

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