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Adding Volute To A Existing Guitar?

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hi all. hope everyone is fine

its been a while since my last post

will let to check,

i hv a greco lp standard,made in 1977, the headstock have had a few cracks n repair.

i am thinking of adding a volute to strengthen it, possible ?

i hv not reaaly heard of ppl adding volute to an existing guitar..

any views?

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I can see what you mean. Whilst it is possible to graft on additional material to the rear of the nut area the strength gains are highly debatable. Firstly you need to ascertain as to whether or not the neck is scarfed or one piece. A volute is just a way of reducing the incidence of short grain. If you don't know where this is you don't know how to apply additional material to make any real gains.

Additionally, it sounds like previous repairs have not succeeded which totally undermines your idea. The existing faults need to be stabilised first before even considering something like this. If the former cracks and repairs are an issue, a false volute will not fix them.


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Crazy idea.

Build a new replica and change what you need changed.

Never mangle an existing guitar that is worth something. Repairs are fine. Irreversible mods are not.

That Greco should be worth some coins. And even though it is not a great collectors piece it would be sad to modify it as it is a piece of history.

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