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Method for making body that matches screw holes of a neck

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Get a nail that just slides into an existing screw hole on the neck without wobbling around. Cut the end off just proud of the bottom surface of the neck. Remove the nail and chuck it in a drill press. With the press running grab a mill file and shape the exposed end into a point. Repeat for the remaining neck screw holes. Re-insert all the little nail/pin/stubs into the neck screw holes and fit the neck to the body. Where the stubs are pressed against the neck pocket floor they'll leave little dimples that you can use as markers for drilling the screw holes through the body.

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I used a sheet of plastic cut to fit in the neck pocket, measured and lined up the holes accordingly. Drilled through the plastic, checked to see that they lined up. Finally transferred the hole pattern back to the guitar to drill.

Otherwise, I was going to do a variant on curtisa's advice above.

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