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Gibson SG Question

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Not sure if this is the right place for this but.  I have owned my SG Custom White guitar since 1967 and in all my travels and gigs as a band member I have never seen one like it. Now, I've always wondered about this issue but never before pursued it. The biggest difference is in the black surround for the three pickups, mine doesn't have it, and I have never seen another like it. Did I get screwed with buying a second when I originally purchased it? Does anyone know anything about this? I made some awful mistakes to mine by devaluing it with squiggles made with an electric Black and Decker engraver pen. Remember those, it was stupid and ruined any real value.


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It's been moved to the 'Solid Body and Bass Chat' area. The original location it was posted in (Tutorial and Reference Section) was likely to result in it being overlooked by most members, hence the thread was moved.

If you ever need to know what area of the forum you're currently looking at, there is a hierarchical listing at the top of each page that shows you where you are at any given time.

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