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Why So Many Different Tele Bridge Holes!?

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So I've been doing up some CAD work tonight for a T-style inspired set of builds and it has dawned on me that it appears no two tele bridges are alike?!?!?! Does no on like making replacement parts that don't require new string-through hole drilling? Why do some have a different angle than others for the bridge pickup!?

Am I insane or have others noticed this? Is there a history that explains this nonsense?



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7 hours ago, verhoevenc said:

MAkes me not want to trust anyone else's drawings and have the bridge in my hands each time; which is annoying!


Well that is what you need to do as I am finding even with gotoh, schaller and others they do not match the drawings. anymore. I cannot rely on my drawings. Even the pickup rings are  off.

even some tuners that say 25/32nds or 10mm wont fit unless they are 10mm


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