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maddening string rattle

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I have a strat with a wilkinson VS type trem

the problem is the e 1st string rattles virtually all the way up including the very last fret with nothing between it and the bridge.

I've spent ages with 600 grit looking for high spots and have tried the nail polish down the grub screw trick but nothing works.

the problem has reappeared after being apparently fixed quite a while ago. the bridge saddle lock screws are tight 

the b 2nd string has the same problem to a much lesser extent - from about 13th fret up..

I have no idea where to look next.

Please help!  :o)




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Maybe the saddle is notched and has a flat spot where the string breaks over the saddle? I had a double-locking trem years ago that had an annoying sitar-like buzz on the high-E on every fret plus the open position that was eventually traced back to the saddle with a notched break point.

Could also be something not associated with the bridge. Loose tuners, strap button screws, slack truss rod, trem arm etc can also buzz and rattle in sympathy with certain notes and/or strings

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Also (same as @curtisa's suggestion) loose springs that aren't under compression. The longer throw on the higher strings might leave them slack, unlike strings that require more compensation and hence compressed springs. A bit of electrical tape soon disproves whether this is what is happening.

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I had that happen to me on an acoustic guitar repair (delaminating fretboard). After hours of frustration, that string broke, I replaced it and voilà! The problem went away.

BTW, when you say "1st E string", that ambiguous. If you say high e or low e, its foolproof. 

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