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snagged some noice curly soft maple...

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so there's a local place I visit... where I asked them to bring in some curly maple from their sister store in california.  Peterman lumber.  It's S2S curly maple approx 7/8" x 7" x 10' for $25 a board.  Figured it might work good for a slip matched top and if not def for laminated neck stock.  The other board isn't as consistently curly as this one... but pretty nice for the price anyway.  Don't know if they ship and i suspect the shipping would be a killer anyway... but thought I'd mention for those in CA or AZ.  at the very least - perhaps you like to look at wood as much as i do.  wood porn!





also... here's a little something I picked up at home depot the other day...



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1 hour ago, ADFinlayson said:

I live on the wrong side of the pond 😢

well I have a spare room if you ever want to visit the dark side! moo hoo ha ha ho ho hee!  (but don't steal any of my 8/4 walnut nor ebony that's stacked under the bed!)

6 minutes ago, ScottR said:

That's a pretty good price for no curls at all.


I'm pretty spoiled.  they had a piece of 1 x 12" x 12' of purple heart that had some light/med figure to it.  I believe it's $8/bd ft so probably $100.  they also have teak, bloodwood, bubinga, zebra, etc... for similar prices.  last time I went there they had 8/4 maple that had med birdseye in it.  I passed at the time as I don't see me using 12' of 8" @ 8/4.  Should have snagged it because it would have been $2.95/bd ft.  I need to visit that place more often!

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