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so... replacing planer blades...


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so a while back I bought a craftsman 13" planer from craigslist.  It ran very loud and in fact terrifying, so had considered just replacing it instead of pouring money into new blades... as it doesn't have a chip port anyway... but the other day I decided I'd take a $50 risk and ordered some HSS V2 blades from globaltooling.

Had to do some work to break the screws free (wd40 and sit for 20mins then one or two broke free so repeated several times and finally got all 12 out).  Cleaned the machine up really good and oiled the raise/lower mechanism. 

Got the new blades in and ran some flamed maple thru it - was like a revelation.  Very quite and smooth to the point it startled me that I wasn't hearing a lot.  wetted down my flamed maple and made a few light passes and they came out the other end with zero tear-out and zero snipe despite being 5' long.

Just wanted to share my experience on the off chance that someone else is in the same place afa thinking about buying new or contemplating replacing blades.  World of difference. 


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3 hours ago, ADFinlayson said:

Glad that's improved it. One thing I found really helped my little triton thicknesser was buffing the bed with machine wax, it helps the wood glide through and thinner pieces are less likely to get stuck under the rollers.

good tip.  I haven't done anything thin on it yet, and the in/out feed are so clean that they seem pretty slippery, but I'll keep that in mind.  things actually used to get 'stuck' a lot more with the crappy blades... that problem has completely gone away now but I also used acetone to clean up my in/out tables so... might have been that more than the new blades.  (also before I was taking super small cuts... which causes the rollers to be under less tension).

the other hand... my sawhorse on the outfeed could use this.  keeps wanting to tip over because when you send a board thru that is long it bends down... so i need to put a bevel on it and wax it.

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