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Guitar build gone wrong


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Im new to the forum and have built a few guitars here and there. I am currently stuck scratching my head on this. So I decided to go through a full rewire on my guitar build. I looked up the right diagrams and made sure all my solder joints were perfect. Now when I plug it into any one of my amps it is very quiet. I have to max out the settings on my amp to even hear it and none of my effects or distortion function. Just a clean tone with an audible hiss after I quit playing that fades. I have wired a few of my own guitars and have never had this issue. Any suggestions? My pots look like a mess from removing and installing wires about ten times and I just want to get back to playing. Thanks guys. 

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As long as you get the right readings when you test the pots with a multimeter, they are probably fine. But you won't find the problem until you isolate the problem, so start really simple - bridge pickup to volume, to jack. If that works then add a switch into the equation, repeat adding stuff until you have figured it out.

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