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Fingerboard wood

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What is a good kinda to use? i am cuttin out the body of my guitar tommorow in wood shop, and then i am just takin it home and buildin the neck, he can get me maple or walnut for the neck, i asked him about ebony for the fretbaord, but he cant get that, the only thing i can do is go to the regular lumber yard and get a peice of ebony thats 2 inches thick, about 8 inches wide and 5 feet long for about 65 bucks!! is there any kinda wood besides ebony to use for a finger board?



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if you can get a piece of ebony that large for $65...buy it...sell it to me for the same price...ship it to me and i will cut you a fingerboard out,plane it to 1/4" and you will have your fingerboard and i will have the cheapest ebony in the world!

it is usually about $75 a board foot.....you are talking about hundreds of dollars worth for $65

AND i will pay the shipping

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Yeah!!! Buy that ebony for that price (unless it's full of streaks). That's an incredible price not to mention the fact that it is rare to see ebony in those dimensions.

Anyway, I have learned that the most important factor in picking fretboard material is the hardness of it. If you choose a softer wood, you'll need to soak it in epoxy - probably not something you'll want to do until you've built a few. Ebony, rosewood, maple, ... are standards. Woods like cocobolo, if I remember correctly, are part of the rosewood species so check the species if you're not sure.

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