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how come humbuckers are so cheap

Curtis P

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not like ebay, but like i was reading Snork's pst about pickups he needed, and some of the Kent Armstrong ones are 35 bucks, at my local music store a decent humbucker goes for about 80 bucks plus!! i think its the store rippin people off, but i want a set of humbuckers, i hate single coils, and if i can get humbuckers that cheap then i am set, pots are only what? 15 bucks each?


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Local stores have a set market where they have to keep the overhead cost's built into the price and depend mainly on walk in sale's where most internet dealers realy on quantity sales to make a profit since the major site's price war against each other all the time which keeps the price's down.

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I live in Canada as well and found that in the long run its cheaper to order straight from the US. You can buy from a retail supplier in Canada, but guess where he gets it in the first place? And then he tacks on his shipping charges and profit to a ridiculous markup. If I'm going to be paying for shipping anyway I may as well use it for all the other stuff I order, along with the pickups, in one lump sum, instead of paying for someone else's shipping on individual pieces AND their profit. I couldn't believe prices of hardware being sold locally by stores like L & M. A chrome HB pickup cover lists for $6.63 US (about $8.83 Cdn) at Stewmac, the local store lists them at 18 bucks Cdn apiece. Its too bad we don't have any wholesale suppliers in Canada, basically, because the items aren't manufactured here.

I get the same business from the local parts supplier for my old truck, WHEW! 40 bucks for a lousy rocker panel!

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